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Wholegrain Ears

Michelle and Humphrey's audio-visual installations explore the connections between our human senses through an interactive playground of touch-reactive objects. With a focus on live processing of image and sound, their work centres around texture in an array of different contexts.

Coming from a background of experimental sound art and DIY approaches to technology, Michelle and Humphrey's work provokes the participant to think about sound and music in different ways, as well as bridging the gap between art and play.

From 2017 their work has been a regular feature of many nightclubs, day parties, and outdoor music festivals including Esoteric Festival, The Town, Stacks On, My Aeon, 24 Moons, Groundfloor, XE54, CHEWY, and Newkind Festival.

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Interactive video installations for Sixth Sense parties @ My Aeon 2019. Finally realising audio-reactive components don't work in nightclubs. Instead we have slime midi, webcam wishing wells, and live video processing.

Top right photo by Sixth Sense.

Metro City Time Loop @ The Town 2019. Choose your destination.

Shape Sounder audio-visual interactive installation @ Esoteric 2019. Adding a little fun station to the Couch Gardens built by Phoebe and Kristian. Also making new friends at midnight over our toys that make noises (above).

Left photo by Big Doofa.

Hanging shapes, interactive pot plants, and VJ light table for Terraform @ Ancient World, Adelaide 2019. A wonderful road trip with the Terraform crew and an epic surround sound setup in the downstairs chill-out space.

Setting up the space (above) and the full shebang (left). Above photo by Because_Aurora

Ball pit audio/visual installation for various Stacks On parties @ CERES 2018-2019. Ball pit is actually the best place for audio-reactive shapes. 

Left photo by Birthmark Photography.

2017 early days...

Thank you Newkind Festival for believing in our lofty ideas and letting us do whatever we wanted. Our first ever gig was in a beautiful location out in the Tassie bush right by the sea. Kickstarted our project as well as our DIY/dumpster-dived aesthetic.

Interactive A/V in the Sensory Cinema pictured below.

End Transmission @ Monash Uni Student Theatre (MUST) 2018

With the endless talents of the actors, directors, and crew from MUST we created an immersive, interactive sci-fi mystery experience.

Top left photo by Pathana Rasa, photos left and below by Theresa Harrison.

1st gig back after Newkind - The World Beyond 2017

Humphrey checking the patches, making sure they're set to go. Epic party, the deep winter chill down by the docks always gets the post-apocalyptic vibes going.

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