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Forest Grooves: Forest Defence Fundraiser

April 10-11 2021

Raising funds for frontline forest defence and throwing a big party while we're at it. We made over $2k for the construction of a forest defence base camp in Victoria. Almost all materials were dumpster dived or found in hard rubbish, as we tried to make this as sustainable as possible on a shoestring budget. This was such a lovely experience, from its inception and initial organising with Sab, to a fully fledged doof with an excellent crew!


Watch out for more parties to come!

Forest Doof - 10-4-11-4-149.jpg

Meet the crew! Miranda (ops/safety), me (sound/music/graphics), Josh (construction), Lisa (stage design + build), Sabrina (comms/stage design + build), Eric (lighting/electricity), Aidan (general crew and cook!).

Humphrey (sound + roadie) managed to escape the photo unfortunately.

Photos by Gareth Fox and Jono Orrell

Forest Doof - 10-4-11-4-177.jpg
Forest Doof - 10-4-11-4-60.jpg
Forest Doof - 10-4-11-4-49.jpg
forest grooevs final.jpg
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