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STRANGEkit is a performance collective of emerging and diverse artists committed to creating works that are compulsively engaging yet provoke more questions than answers. They aim to create unique events devoid of concrete  explanation but rich with new questions, meditative serenity, and deeply confused absurdity. STRANGEkit’s diverse body of digital work can be found at

“STRANGEkit are doing some of the most progressive and edgy digitally engaged work in Australia right now. They've got the energy and inspiration of the early 2000s Indie theatre boom with an online aesthetic. Their work is very necessary right now.” - Robert Reid, Witness Performance, 2020

Current and past projects

You are the WALKMAN.
Choose your explorer.
Press your hands together to activate solar sunshine.

UnderEden WALKMAN *Explorers Edition* is a
curated series of audio adventures. Active waking
dreams where you interact with retro-futuristic
spaces, transcendental characters, and
impossible stories.

Experience the WALKMAN on demand as part of the 2021 Melbourne Fringe Festival from September 30 - October 17 via the Fringe website.

Sound design and composition: Michelle Nguyen

UnderEden WALKMAN Explorers Edition _Program (Image Savanna Wegman)_edited.jpg

HOLESP@CE is an interactive, hyperlinked, hybrid work which lets you venture deep into the str@nge sp@ces of the internet. Watch, listen, explore, connect, participate, and leave your mark. Curiosity will be rewarded - be careful not to get stuck in a holepl@ce.

Experience the digital maze as part of the 2020 Melbourne Fringe Festival, November 12-29 via the Fringe website

Sound design and composition: Michelle Nguyen

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 8.07.52 pm.png

STRANGEchef: a livestreamed experimental performance on May 20, 2020.

Performers: Georgina Bright, Tallulah McKenzie, Casuarina O’Brien and Callum Robertson

Sound design: Michelle Nguyen

Directors: Celina Mack and Savanna Wegman

Technical Operator/Stage Manager: Liam Paternott

Stage Manager: Logan Trask

Watch the recorded performance

Ned is a series of short films inspired by surrealism and absurdity. These films will investigate the mundane and strange, hopefully broadening our perspectives on life, Callum, and the universe.

Directed and produced by Callum Robertson, sound design and composition by Michelle Nguyen

Watch Ned 1 and 3

Frames: our first piece for 2020.


Adapting to an online format.


New frame of reference, new frame of mind. At STRANGEkit we’ve adapted to the new world. Come look with us.

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